Eligibility FAQ

Q. How will I know if I am eligible for meals?
If you are unable to shop or cook for yourself, you are eligible. There are no age or income restrictions for our private pay plan, however there are different programs with different requirements based on age, medical concerns, and living situations.

Q. How do I apply for Meals on Wheels?
You, a family member, or a professional caregiver can apply by calling (315) 478-5948 and pressing “1” at the telephone voice menu prompt. The application process takes about 15 minutes.  We need contact information, health status and other basic information.  All information is kept confidential.

Q. How soon will my meal begin?
We need at least 2 business days to process your request.  We deliver a hot and cold meal between 11:00am and 1:00pm.  Frozen and cold meals may be available for weekends.

Q. Can you provide a special diet?
Yes.  Our diets meet many restricted dietary needs.  Call to learn more.

Q. What is the cost?
Our Private pay rate is $8.00 (as of January 1, 2018) for a hot and cold meal delivered to your home (two meals per delivery required).  However, you may be eligible for assistance, depending on your circumstances.

Q. Can the meal deliverer bring my meals inside if I have difficulty carrying the meals or walking?
Yes, they can even open the meal packages, if you need.

Q. What if my diet changes?
We are happy to accommodate diet changes.  Please call one of our Case Managers by dialing (315) 478-5948 and pressing “1” at the telephone voice menu prompt to discuss changes.

Q. Do I have to live alone to receive meals?
No, you can live with family members or others.

Q. What if I cannot be home for the delivery?
You may arrange with us to deliver to a nearby neighbor or cancel meals for the day by calling one weekday before by 10:00 AM.  We cannot leave meals unrefrigerated or unattended for health safety reasons.