Meals On Wheels Of Syracuse Deliverying More Than A Meal

Meals on Wheels of Syracuse provides nutritious meals for our homebound neighbors, but our dedicated volunteers do so much more.

Senior isolation is a chronic problem. One in four seniors in America lives alone, in isolation. Isolation increases depression, decreases lifespan and contributes to cognitive decline and the onset of dementia.

That daily “hello” our volunteers offer helps to combat that isolation. Sometimes our volunteers are the only people these fragile seniors see in a day. Our volunteers get to know our meal recipients and both look forward to their next meeting.  Along with the conversation, the visit is a form of a safety check. 90% of our meal recipients say it helps them feel more safe and secure.

Should something happen, that daily check can be a real life saver. Just recently we had a volunteer notice the senior they were delivering to on the floor.  They called 911 and got that senior help. Without that daily check who knows how long that person would have stayed on the floor until help arrived.  Thankfully, she is doing well and recovering.  These kind of stories are not common but are an important aspect of the service that Meals on Wheels of Syracuse provides.

We have social workers on staff.  If and when our volunteers see something that is “just not right” our social workers can follow up to ensure the client is safe, healthy and has access to all the services they need. Whether there is an emergency that warrants a 911 call or a minor issue that might just need a phone call, Meals on Wheels of Syracuse is there for our most vulnerable neighbors.

We deliver nutritious meals and so much more. We could not do what we do without an army of volunteers as well as generous donors. If you need meals (or know someone who does) or want to help by donating or volunteering, call 315-478-5948 or go to

We cannot do this without your help.

Together we can deliver.