Volunteer FAQs:

Q: Is Meals on Wheels looking for new volunteers?
A: Yes, we always have a need for regular and occasional volunteers.

Q: Can I volunteer on the weekends?
A:  Currently, Meals on Wheels only has opportunities during the week (Monday – Friday)

Q: Is there an age requirement?
A: Yes, to work in our food service, volunteers must be aged 16 and over, unless accompanied by a parent. Families are welcome; your children must be over 10 years old. Please remember that our kitchen is a commercial kitchen with large equipment.

The minimum age for delivering meals is 18. Youth of any age are allowed to deliver meals, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. For school and civic groups, a parent permission slip is required.

Q: How often do I have to volunteer? 
A: Volunteers can remain active by participating at least once per month.

Q: Is there an orientation?
A: Yes. The volunteer coordinator will contact you once we have received your application about the orientation process.  You may check our website at www.meals.org for upcoming orientations

Q: What if I can’t make the time & date that I scheduled to volunteer?
A:  Meals on Wheels understands that you’re a busy person, and things come up from time to time.

Since many people depend on Meals on Wheels to provide them with nutrition each day,  Meals on Wheels asks each volunteer to give as much notice as possible if you can’t make a time for which you’ve volunteered.

Q: Can I just show up if I have some free time?
A: No. We like to get to know all of our volunteers. A considerable amount of planning goes in to preparing, packaging and delivering such a large quantity of meals each day. If you’d like to be apply to be a substitute driver (determined on a daily basis) please submit an individual application.

Q: If I deliver meals, where will I be going?
A: All of the volunteer routes are in Syracuse; Meals will provide you with easy instructions for each delivery.  We like to have our volunteers in neighborhoods that are convenient and comfortable for them. If your unfamiliar with a particular neighborhood, or dislike your route, please ask the volunteer office to change your route. All reasonable requests will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis.

 Q: How big will my route be?
A: Meals on Wheels strives to have short, convenient delivery routes. Routes are neighborhood based, and generally are an average of 12 stops.

Q: How long will my delivery route take?
A: Once you get to know a route, it gets easier and easier. Most routes are programmed now to be about an hour each day. Some are a little longer, some are a little shorter. The volunteer office will work with you to find a time commitment that works for you.