Our Silver Platter Sponsor for August 2, 2017 is Wegmans

Our Silver Platter Sponsor for August 2nd, 2017 is Wegmans. Thank you Wegmans for "Adopting A Day" of Meals with Meals on Wheels of Syracuse.  If you would like to "Adopt-A-Day" of Meals and be one of our Silver Platter Sponsors; call 315-478-5948 ext 205 or email community@meals.org.

Meals On Wheels Of Syracuse - Delivering Fresh Blueberries Friday July 21st

On Sunday, July 16th thoughtful people picked and donated 8 gallons of blueberries to Meals on Wheels of Syracuse to help feed our homebound neighbors. Meals on Wheels was able to package 330 cups of blueberries planned to be a fresh dessert in their meal Friday, July 21st.

The event was organized at Emmi's Farms in Balwindsville by Mary McCandless, the Editor of Women of Upstate New York Magazine.  The many people who attended and picked blueberries were asked to donate a portion of what they picked to Meals on Wheels of Syracuse and a few other non-profits who help seniors. This is the third year Meals on Wheels of Syracuse has benefited from the kindness of Ms. McCandless's event.  The blueberry picking event followed a strawberry picking event held a few weeks earlier that Ms. McCandless organized.

Many Meals on Wheels meal recipients can thank Mary McCandless and Women of Upstate Magazine for a freshly picked, nutritious and tasty dessert in their meal.  Thank you Mary.