Karate John's Black Belt Candidates Continue to Kick it up at Meals On Wheels Of Syracuse

Bryan and Beverly
Bryan with Sensi Matt.jpg
Tommy with KJ.jpg

To The Left:  Bryan with Sensei Matt Barnell

Above:  Tommy with Hanshi "Karate" John Annable

To The Left:  Kimberly with her fellow students


Kimberly and Nancy.jpg
Kimberly Karate.jpg

Being a black belt means you strive for excellence, and that is also something that we strive for at Meals On Wheels Of Syracuse!

It’s all about giving back to the community. Black Belt Candidates representing Karate John's Martial Arts Center regularly volunteer at Meals on Wheels of Syracuse. Bryan, Tommy, and Kimberly; along with their moms Beverly, Lora, and Nancy have all volunteered in our kitchen; helping to feed the elderly and disabled of Syracuse NY.  To become a black belt, one of the requirements is showing excellence outside the dojo as well, and that is shown by community service and giving back to those in need.  It's more than sidekicks and punches.  It's about respect for oneself, others, and the community.  #RESPECT

You too can help out through volunteering. Syracuse - #LETSDOLUNCH. Visit www.meals.org