Meals on Wheels of Syracuse Food Service employees and volunteers may be dealing with some extreme temperatures the next few days. The agency has lost a key air conditioning unit, as forecasters predict temperatures to reach near 90.

The unit is one of two wall air conditioners that help cool the non-profit's kitchen during meal preparation and packaging of at least 800-1000 meals each weekday. The existing units are believed to have been donated by Carrier at some point and have been in use for many years.

Executive Director Mason Kaufman says, "This is a tough time to have an air conditioner fail in our Food Service area! We're very busy preparing for the delivery of extra meals to homebound seniors prior to the long holiday weekend. We'll be closed on Memorial Day and its critical to get these extra meals prepared, packaged, and delivered by Friday. Our kitchen will be filled with Food Service employees and volunteers and we need to figure out how to replace at least one of these units. We would love to have both of these AC units replaced."

If a company or individual would like to help replace or donate the 18,000 BTU units, they should call 315.478.5948 x205 or email Meals on Wheels of Syracuse welcomes monetary donations online through its secure website at MEALS.ORG/DONATIONS