Homebound seniors in Syracuse still need your help! You donation to Meals on Wheels of Syracuse can help provide nutritious meals

$25 = 20 meals
$50 = 40 meals
$100 = 80 meals
$1,000 = Adopt-a-Day of Meals (Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion!)


No senior deserves to be hungry or alone. The Meals on Wheels movement starts with YOU!

Even the most independent among us, if fortunate to live long enough, may experience a decline in mobility or health that can strip away our independence and diminish the quality of our lives. Great advances in medicine have extended our average life expectancy to a record high of 78.7 years. Living longer for some can mean more years spent in the struggles that accompany old age. Add to that the increase in geographic mobility of our families and the result is millions of older adults left behind, hungry and alone.

For hundreds of seniors, Meals on Wheels of Syracuse is literally the difference between remaining in their own homes and needing to relocate to a nursing facility. The nutritious meals, a friendly visit and safety check, in-home assessments by Case Managers and a Registered Dietitian along with referral assistance help them cope with three of the biggest threats of aging: hunger, isolation and loss of independence. Research proves that when seniors receive Meals on Wheels, they gain greater quality of life, need fewer hospital stays, and live longer.

Meals on Wheels makes a difference!

• 83% of Meals on Wheels clients say it helps improve their overall health
• Meals on Wheels helps 9 out of 10 recipients feel more safe and secure in their own homes
• 86% of Meals on Wheels clients say it helps them feel more secure

Hundreds of families sleep better at night and can continue their daily routines and responsibilities because they know that Meals on Wheels of Syracuse is keeping a watchful eye over their aging loved ones. When other competing responsibilities make it impossible or difficult for us to be there, Meals on Wheels of Syracuse can make sure our parents, grandparents and others important in our lives are cared for, and that someone is there to raise a red flag if something doesn't seem just right.

The need is growing. We’ve seen a 13% increase in meal recipients this year alone. Meals on Wheels of Syracuse served 18,064 meals in October to more than 440 homebound neighbors. We anticipate serving nearly 213,000 meals this year to approximately 765 meal recipients.

Federal funding is NOT keeping pace with the need. The senior population has grown 34% and funding (adjusted for inflation) has decreased by 18% over the past 20 years. That’s why your support is so very important to our program!

Won’t you please consider making a donation, today? Help hundreds of older adults stay healthier with a better quality of life in their homes! Please make your tax deductible donation now. Thank you!

With deepest appreciation,

Mason Kaufman
Executive Director